12/23/10: Hornet Marine Dealer Network Continues to Grow

Date: 12/23/2010




Hornet Marine Dealer Network Continues to Grow


Bristol, Conn. (Dec 23, 2010) – Hornet Marine, a new manufacturer of fully customizable 17-foot powerboats, is proud to name Anchor Performance Sales as the second dealer to sign with the brand. The partnership with the Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri dealership is significant as it marks the second dealer committed to represent the new manufacturer in just one week. 


“We feel Hornet Marine will fill a gap in our product line for the entry level performance boater,” says George Humann, owner of Anchor Performance Sales. “Plus, Hornet Marine’s product attracts other market segments, like the person looking at a personal watercraft or jet boat. The Hornet 17 is a nice alternative for these buyers.”


Anchor Performance Sales will be displaying the Hornet 17, Hornet Marine’s 17-foot sport runabout, at next month’s Kansas City LOMDA boat show in Overland Park, KS January 26 – 30th


“We look forward to seeing how the product is accepted by the boating community,” Humann says. “We feel it should be a hit.”


In addition to Hornet Marine boats, Anchor Performance Sales also carries boats by Hustler, Spectre and Sonic. For more information on Anchor Performance Sales, contact George Humann at (573) 552-8727.


Hornet Marine will continue to expand its dealer network across the United States in the upcoming year. For more information about becoming a Hornet Marine dealer, contact Jason Bolas at (860) 516-3141 or jayb@hornetmarine.com. 


About Hornet Marine

Hornet Marine was established in 2009 to fulfill the need for a high quality and customizable boat. Located in Bristol, Connecticut, Hornet Marine currently manufacturers the Hornet 17, a fully customizable 17-foot sport runabout. Along with providing excellent customer service and strongly valuing its dealer network, Hornet Marine aims to deliver the most fun and safest experience on the water today. For more information on Hornet Marine, visit www.hornetmarine.com. 


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