5/4/11: Hornet Marine Achieves NMMA Certification

Date: 5/4/2011



Hornet Marine Achieves NMMA Certification



Bristol, Conn. (May 4, 2011) – Hornet Marine, manufacturer of customizable hi-performance boats, recently became certified under the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Boat Certification program. 


“Congratulations to Hornet Marine on their achievement of NMMA Certification. This is a demonstration of their commitment to product safety by ensuring their boats meet the stringent NMMA certification requirements and applicable ABYC standards,” says Robert Newsome, Director of Engineering Standards at the NMMA. 


All boats in the United States must be built to satisfy U.S. Coast Guard regulations, however boats participating in the NMMA Certification program also adhere to the more comprehensive standards set by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). To become NMMA Certified, a boat must also pass rigorous third-party inspection to ensure it meets and adheres to all applicable standards.


“Commitment to quality and safety are two of Hornet Marine’s founding goals, so earning the “NMMA Certified” designation is a major achievement for us all at Hornet Marine,” says David Hartmann, President of Hornet Marine. “It shows our customers that we are dedicated to building a quality product and to keeping their safety and well being on the water our first priority as a manufacturer.” 


“Achieving NMMA Certification was a collaborative effort involving the entire team at Hornet Marine along with the NMMA’s knowledgeable staff,” says Erik Schubert, Operations Manager at Hornet Marine. “Having the NMMA inspector visit our facility allowed us to not only show off our boat, but also to demonstrate the efforts we put into perfecting our build processes in creating this quality product.”


About Hornet Marine

Hornet Marine was established in 2009 to fulfill the need for a high quality and customizable boat. Located in Bristol, Connecticut, Hornet Marine currently manufacturers the Hornet 17, a fully customizable 17-foot sport runabout. Along with providing excellent customer service and strongly valuing its dealer network, Hornet Marine aims to deliver the most fun and safest experience on the water today. For more information on Hornet Marine, visit www.hornetmarine.com. 


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