11/9/11: Hornet Marine Unveils New Safety Enhancement to Industry Professionals

Date: 11/9/2011



Hornet Marine unveils new safety enhancement to industry professionals


Kissimmee, FL (November 9, 2011) – Hornet Marine, builder of customizable powerboats, debuted a new safety enhancement during the 2011 Marine Dealer Conference and Expo (MDCE). Offered on the Hornet 17, the brand’s built-to- order runabout, this latest feature prevents the cause of many boating fatalities by prohibiting the boat from being started while the boarding ladder is deployed.


Every year, hundreds of boaters are injured or worse when a boat is accidentally started while a swimmer is still in the water. Hornet Marine aims to prevent these incidents from occurring with the latest safety equipment installed with the Hornet 17’s boarding ladder. When the boat’s pull-out transom ladder is deployed, the engine is prohibited from starting and an indicator light turns on to alert the operator. If the ladder is deployed while the engine is already running, it will immediately shut off to prevent the possibility of injuring anyone near the boat’s transom.


“The Hornet Marine design team always has the utmost concern for our customer’s safety when we develop any new feature. This latest development is a simple yet effective way to prevent one of the most common causes of accidents on the water,” says David Hartmann, President of Hornet Marine.


The safety enhancement was revealed along with the latest custom-built Hornet 17. The company will later debut the safety mechanism to consumers during the 2012 boat show season.


About Hornet Marine

Hornet Marine was established in 2009 to fulfill the need for a high quality and customizable boat. Located in Bristol, Connecticut, Hornet Marine currently manufactures the Hornet 17, a customizable 17-foot sport runabout. Along with providing excellent customer service and strongly valuing its dealer network, Hornet Marine aims to deliver the most fun and safest experience on the water today. For more information on Hornet Marine, visit www.hornetmarine.com.


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